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08 August, 2013

Celebrate This Ied Mubarak

Every muslim in the world celebrate this day, after to fast in Ramadhan Month. Even, i didn't fast, because i have to give suck for my baby. But, I am so happy. My family will assemble in Solo. Its a hectic day. We always speak anything, because we never met after a year.

This year so different. My grandmother was pass away, at 4 Juni 2013. I am really miss her. But life must go on isn't? So i come here, in her house. Join with my big family to celebrate, forgive each other, become pure again.

Update... This day, i am so happy, because my big familly come, and then we're going to "Pancingan 200" in Janti. Everyone eat fish etc.

This day, ied mubarak is over... But i want to say,

Hapy Ied Mubarak everyone, please forgive me, if i have a lot of mistake.

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