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20 August, 2013

Story About My Blog Resolution

Do you remember about my blog resolution? Yup, i want to have English article in my blog. But, not all of the blog post. I'm still need Indonesian post for my blog. What do you think? Is it correct?

Actually, I've already planned some years ago, but there are fears that my grammar not good. I was afraid, everybody will laugh. But I found a lot of blog, status in facebook or tweet in twitter, made me realize that english so eazy ( esp writing). They wrote everything, without thingking about grammar, just write as you are speaking. Like speaking indonesian and change it to english version. Sometimes i found that they wrong with prepotition, verb 3 etc. So, I should have just relaxed.

Just write as eazy as speaking english. Don't worry about your grammar. One of blog which i visit, she write everything, like she speak indonesian in english, so simple. Grammar still important, but its not a reazon you stop write with english. You still learning the grammar, and memorize more english vocab.

Yes, i am ready now ;)

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