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20 August, 2013

When Big Dreams Delayed While A Time

Today, i feel, i don't have any progress in my life. It is weird for me. I feel down. I have a big dream. Right. But, its not happened, yet.

Now, months to eight in 2012, but i don't have any progress that I could be proud of it. I almost happy in the end of the year 2012. I got a chance to join the free novel writing training.

Participants who join the training will get a chance published the manuscript. But unfortunately conditions have always been personalised way, and were not realized. A friend of mine who knew from the beginning was also shocked, apparently does not match with their promo. So i can't approve my dream. There is always a road to Rome. I did'nt worry about that.

Someone also offer cooperation to write, but it was not happened to. My script was rejected, nevermind. May be it's not my time. I must I need to fix my script, although one of the editor offered to send them the manuscript. I need time to fix it, and i am sure about it, then send it.

I always believe, God always know me. I believe this year, I am still approve the dream. I have a lot through to achieve this dream. I have to keep the spirit, practice, and all come true. I believe!This year!

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