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26 July, 2014

I Am A Part Of Indonesian General Election History

Indonesian have a new president right now. Jokowi. I choose him, with my heart. Yup, i got dilemma 2 weeks before President General Elections. I just have two choice.

I am looking for anything for two candidat, and search information. I always search information from digital magazine, social media, TV, etc. I try to ask my heart about my choice. I got a stable choice. Jokowi.

So i share anything about Jokowi, but i select the news. Is it true story or not, is it a true news or not. I have a new friend, because general election, who choose Jokowi too. They add me, or we will share anything, coment in our status in facebook, etc. Its mean a lot to me.

I learn one thing about Jokowi. Even any people who judges, say bad statement for him. He never angry, stay calm, cool. He always smile. Never thought deep about it. He just a human like everyone, buat why he stay calm. I think, i never do it, If any people always do it for me. Tho tumbs up sir. I always on your side. I am sure you don't know about me. I just Wong Solo who proud of you. I hope you don't forget about your program. Salam! :D

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