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24 July, 2014

Why I Want To Write An English Post?

I wanna have an english post in my blog, i want to share a litle bit story of Indonesian people. But i am so worry with my grammar. I never practise my english for a long time.

I worry, if there is people will judge me. I know its wrong, but i must learn to write an english article right. Please send me an email about your correct, cause i will appreciate it. I will learn it, find my false and correct it.

But i am not worry anymore, because i read ollie book. Ollie is woman writer who inspired a lot of people in Indonesia, she has online book store, etc.

I ever read her blog, she write with english. Actually i found a mistake, like on and in. But she still write english post. So i learn one thing from her. Never scare or worry to practise your english.

I found her reason, why keep write with english. Because she want, world to see about Indonesia. She want to share anything about Indonesia. She don't care about other opinion. Eventhough any people who judge her about her english, but, she always around the world to attend a lot of world confference.

So, now, i will practise my english writing. I learn it. Someday, it will be better right? I want to have a new friend from many country in the world. I want to share about me, especially, i am an Indonesian people. Would you help me?

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